Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Mill Hill Kits

First, let me just say WOW! You have all blown me away at how supportive you are of me expanding this blog to have a new area about books. So thank you so much to all of you for your support and being so amazing!!! I'll be launching the new book tab in the next week or so.

New Mill Hill Kits! 
As many of you know I am absolutely obsessed with Mill Hill kits that have perforated paper. So I was beyond excited to see the new Spring line of MH! My absolute favourite is the cute little lizard (seen on the right). He's just adorable. I know they will likely never have a snake one that I can make to honour my own pets (we currently have four snakes) but a lizard is darn close. :)

Even though I am terrified of the ocean and water I can appreciate the colours and design of the Lighthouse pattern (to the left) another of the new Mill Hill kits for spring.

In other stitching news I'm super excited to share with you all, closer to the end of the month, that I will be starting a new HAED. I'm just getting supplies and things sorted out for it. I have realized that I haven't been working any of my current HAEDs even though they are all kitted up and ready to go on scroll rods. Over holidays I saw a new pattern that my husband loves more than any other and so I'm hoping my desire to actual pick up this HAED will be stronger than the others have been.

My mermaid is still coming along as well and I'll have some new pics for you all soon.

For those interested my husband is doing okay. No new news but hey no news is often good news right? It's snowy and super cold here so I'm still working hard at keeping up with all the chores and outdoor stuff (like shoveling). I'm getting faster at it so I'm going to take that as improvement in my ability to move snow. LOL!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Beading & Another Question

For those that popped in before holiday time you'll know that I was trying to decide if I was going to bead up as I went on my scroll rods my Mirabilia Mermaid. In the end I decided to bead a small section and scroll it up with some fabric. I also beaded anything that was a size 15 bead (because they are so itty bitty). What this really means is that I moved back into stitching with thread and krenik fairly quickly and am going to do the remaining 95% of beading at the end. ;)

Here is the beading being folded underneath my scrolls (look in the far right area):

A question, your opinions wanted! I'm considering having a new tab added to this blog that will be where I post book reviews of books I've just read. Most my of my favourite people to follow on GoodReads are fellow stitchers who blog!
If you're wondering why it's so that I can post reviews of books, have book giveaways and do things that I can't do on GoodReads but are not appropriate for this main stitching blog.
You would still come to this blog first if you come to However it might be that my book review posts will show in your news feed because you subscribe to the stitching part of this blog. So honest answers please! Would you be okay if a book tab was added to this blog?

Thanks to everyone for good wishes for my husband. We made it through the holidays. He is on crutches still until Jan 18 but we're hoping for good news to start weight bearing that day. We're both ready to get 2016 behind us and start 2017 off a lot better! 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Bead Question - Mirabilia Mermaid

Well as the last few frantic days before the holidays are eating up all my stitching time I am finding myself instead spending a lot of time thinking about what to do about my Mirabilia and tackling the beading...
In the past I've done all the beads at the end of a piece and done them with the piece off my scroll rods. However, I've been told that I can do the beads on my scroll rods and should do them as I go if I want. I was told that I can put a towel in between the fabric as I roll up the scroll rods so that the beads don't crush anything or make a mess.
My question for all of you is: has anyone beaded with scroll rods still attached before? 
If yes, was it successful?

Meanwhile I did do one small row of beading just to see how high the beads are (see first pic). There are some really large (size 6) beads that I will safe to the end. I think the ones you see in this picture are 8's and there are some 11's later in the design.
This is a Mirabilia design. South Sea Mermaid. 

On luxurious 28ct Silkweaver Hand-Dyed fabric.

Seriously some of the absolute nicest fabric I have ever worked with!
It's only about half done. What you see in the picture below is most of what has been completed in stitching.

As always I appreciate any/all comments and appreciate the amazing talent and experience that you all have! I am hoping that I can do some beading as I go, at least the smaller beads as it would likely make the project more appealing near the end. I won't feel so overwhelmed with beads and when I feel like beading I can! 

For those interested my husband is still on crutches and we go back to doctor on Dec 28 for further x-rays and review to see if he can start putting weight on it and confirm it's healing properly (so no surgery needed). Here's hoping it's doing well as I am overwhelmed by doing all the chores in the house! Shoveling snow is hard!! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Holiday Panic - Craft Gifting Ideas You Still Have Time For!

Did I get your attention with the cute Tiny Modernist picture (right)? Did you know it's available for free?! Check out the list below I curated of freebie Christmas cross stitch ornaments (yes I ramble a bit first about other DIY gift options), forgive me.

So my husband decided it would be a 'great' time (last weekend) to fracture his ankle and be on crutches. Just in time for the holiday season push, and the snow and cold to hit Calgary. Figures.
This means I have had to get creative and find some easy gifting options for people that also fit into a budget... And so I decided that almost everyone could get crafting gifts this year (and they will like them dammit. LOL!). I also am working on redoing our budget for the new year as it seems like a good time to double check this. I'm using an app with a beautiful design and so far all the functionality I need (which isn't much). If you're  interested you can check it out here.
But on the alternative, doesn't cost much side of things here's some of what I'm doing this year...

Mel's list of crafting gifts: 
- the Easy, Fun Kids Gift: The likely answer is no. Kids are usually overwhelmed with gifts at Christmas! And often many of them can't be used right away. You know what's great and is immediate gratification for little ones? Colouring stuff! Colouring books are popular for adults right now but kids still love them too!
On that note, get everyone you know colouring stuff, cause it's awesome. And remember fancy is not required, Crayola pencil crayons work just fine, promise!
- the Dollar Store: Here in Canada Dollar Stores are still very prevalent. Carrying everything from Christmas candy for stockings to small gifting toys and craft supplies. You'd be surprised how easily you can fill a stocking for less than $10
- the ultimate DIY gift: Maybe you remember as a kid that we used to make ornaments in school or (for me) at Girl Guides. I remember the best and favourite of my ornaments (and I made a lot of them) was pipe cleaner candy canes. I was about 7 and when I learned how to make them I told my Mom that I was going to "cover the whole tree in them". I think by number 20 or so I got bored. But imagine kids being quiet for even an hour on Christmas Day with a task to make candy cane ornaments with pipe cleaner and a pattern they were gifted. Kids love instant gratification! Here's two great blogs with instructions: 1) Crafty Morning 2) Homemade gifts made easy
- the Stash Re-Gift: You had to know this one was going to be on my list... As everyone knows I have too much stash. So why not re-gift some of that stash? If you're anything like me most of your stash still looks like it did when it was bought. Take a hard look at things you know some of your friends might love and consider if you are every going to do it. If the answer is no then just let it go!
- the Try it out Gift: You know that beginner kit you have that you'll never do, or that time you tried a fibre craft and hated it? Is that kit still sitting in your basement somewhere? What about, re-gifting those beginner items to someone that wants to try out a craft but never seems to find time! If they have it all ready to go in their hands on Christmas Day you just might bring over a crafting convert.

Alternatively, you can of course do up a quick stitch item as an ornament or card to put a little extra love and attention into a DIY gift. Certainly there are lots of free pattern quick Christmas stitches out there that you can look up. A few of my favourite one or two night stitch-up Christmas freebie cross stitch patterns are: 
- DMC Snowflake Pattern - Use some variegated thread for an extra pop
- 25 Mini Ornaments from Brooke's Books  - seriously cute advent ornaments (remove the numbers and make them up as individual ornaments)
- Tiny Modernist Penguins! - the pattern for that cute photo I posted above! Cheryl does such great and cute work!
- Prairie Schooler Poinsetta - this is an oldie but a goodie
- Lizzie Kate Freebies - this page has all of hers, but scroll to the bottom to see the Peace, Joy, Love Christmas one I love

Coming up, before the official holiday, on Epic Stitching: 
- Mermaid Updates - Yes I actually have been working on a piece I had abandoned years ago.
- Did I do something unspeakable to my husband yet waiting on him and doing all the chores while his ankle is broken during holiday season? - Only time will tell. ;) 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Paisley Tree - Finish

Well I should really have been working on some of my larger pieces... but instead I decided to do up a quick little Mill Hill Christmas Tree ornament.
This is from their smaller kit series and called Paisley Tree. Used the kit supplies of DMC thread, perforated paper and Mill Hill beads.
A crazy quick stitch, I did this in two nights of a few hours each!

Not really much else to say about this little guy.
I have however made some small amounts of progress on my Mirabilla Mermaid (yes the same one from like five years ago, lol). So it should be the next update.
Thanks for stopping by and happy stitching!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Witches Night Out Finish

I can't possibly tell you how much I enjoyed this piece. It was an easy, cute, satisfying stitching project. I'm not really sure why; but it was just lovely. I'm waiting to grab some more of Gervais' work as soon as I have some funds available. :)

This is Witches Night Out by Brenda Gervais (With Thy Needle & Thread). I changed most of the colours from the original. I wanted to use things from my stash, and wanted the dress of the witch to be more purple than black.
The coverage is not great. For those that will recall I was worried about that while I was stitching it and decided that was part of the 'antique' look to it. I actually like it now that it's done with it's loose coverage. It seems to fit the feel and look of the piece.

Done on a 32ct 'Smokey White' linen. You can see there is variation in the background of the linen. It's not all just bad lighting, there is actual change and marbling to the linen.

I've actually got a couple more pieces that I've had some good work happening on. I"ll be to back to share them soon!
Thanks for dropping by!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Antique Look or a Fail?

I've got some photos to share today of my start "Witches Night Out" by Brenda Gervais. I've changed almost all the colours and used overdyed variegated threads I had on hand. But it's not the colours that have me a bit unsure... 

Instead it's the coverage. I know stitchers can debate to the ends of the earth about coverage. I do believe we can all agree that on a full stitched covered piece (ie: HAED, Mystic Stitches, etc) you must have good coverage. But what about on a smaller, more delicate piece? 
I love the traditional, antique look of Gervais' pattern; and in looking at the model you can see that the coverage is far from 100%. 

Note on the photos: you can see the smoky look on the fabric in these photos that was invisible last time. It's a very subtle marbling that I just adore. It's just hard to photograph. 

Now it's important to note that I'm very against bulky coverage. But perhaps this is too little coverage... 

It's 1 strand over 2 on 36ct linen (same count and coverage as called for in pattern). 

I'm likely to keep going as is no matter what. But I'd love to hear (good or bad) what others think.